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Types of Funds

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds are one of the most flexible funds at the Foundation and allow donors to recommend eligible charitable recipients for grants from their fund. Donor Advised Funds can be established by individuals, families, companies or the rollover from a private foundation.

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Designated Funds

A Designated Fund is established by a donor as a restricted, endowment fund held by the Foundation to specifically support a single, identified agency or program. The designated fund is invested for long-term growth and distributes annual grants to those charities and/or causes named by the donor forever. Designated Funds offer a simple way to support your favorite charities in perpetuity. Grants can be made in your name, or in anonymity.

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Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds allow donors to designate a specific cause or geographic area for grant making without having to name a specific organization.

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Agency Funds

An Agency Fund is established by an agency to provide a vehicle for donors to support endowments for long-term support. Contributions to these funds come from donors as well as from the organizations themselves. Donations for the individual endowment funds must be designated as such by the donor.

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Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds allows donors to give the gift of education. Scholarships can be established either through direct donations or in honor of a loved one.

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Unrestricted Fund

The Unrestricted Fund is what the Foundation uses to fund the annual grants cycle. Each year, nearly 100 nonprofit agencies across McHenry County complete an application and review process to receive the annual grants. Contributions to this fund offers donors the opportunity to support their community without identifying specific programs or interests.

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Operational Fund

The Operational Fund is the engine that keeps the Foundation going. By contributing to this fund, you are helping the Foundation grow faster to help improve the quality of life for all of McHenry County. In addition to supporting the day to day operations of the Foundation, this fund also provides educational and training opportunities for professionals in the nonprofit community, as well as individual donors across the County.

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Give360 – Simple, annual, ongoing giving…


Philanthropy is easy with a little help from your friends at the Community Foundation for McHenry County. Become a philanthropist through the Foundation. Small amounts, given regularly create a sustainable fund for giving in the county. If each of us gives a little, it becomes a large, useful, ongoing fund with measurable impact on the betterment of our county.

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