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How You Can Be a Philanthropist

Recipient WorkshopThe great part about a community foundation is that anyone can participate, making this truly a community effort.

  1. Establish a fund to provide support for your favorite charitable organization or cause, for both today’s needs and those beyond your lifetime.
  2. Contribute to any of our existing funds that match your charitable interests.
  3. Support your community with a gift to the GIVE360 Fund, and have an active role in determining annual grants to the local community.
  4. Help support the work of the Foundation by contributing to The Community Foundation for McHenry County Operational Fund.
  5. Encourage your favorite charity to establish an agency fund to provide ongoing support for their work.
  6. Attend community foundation events and workshops to learn more about estate planning, charitable giving, building endowments and other related topics.
  7. Tell your friends about The Community Foundation for McHenry County and the services that we provide.