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Donor Advised Funds – Flexible

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Donor Advised Funds are one of the most flexible funds at the Foundation and allow donors to recommend eligible charitable recipients for grants from their fund. Donor Advised Funds can be established by individuals, families, companies or the rollover from a private foundation.

  • Donald E. Lewis Family Fund – A retired beverage distributor created a fund to educate his family on the importance of philanthropy in their home county.
  • Dooley Family Fund – One of the Foundation’s founding board members created this fund to prove first–hand the benefits of a Community Foundation. The family has supported children’s programs and land preservation programs through grant funds.
  • James & Karlen Cooney Family Fund – This fund represents the giving spirit of a native McHenry County family that has served the area through civil, judicial and social work for decades. They have supported educational and youth programs.
  • Judith Porter Fund – A retired elementary teacher found the Community Foundation and was thrilled to know she could continue to support her favorite charities – a food pantry and women’s shelter to name a few – through the Foundation.
  • The Belle Allen Fund – This family fund was established by a Crystal Lake family who wanted a vehicle to support their favorite charitable organizations in McHenry County. A Fund at MCCF allowed them to continue their charitable giving without the administrative burden.
  • Full Circle Family Fund – This fund was established by a McHenry County family wanting to give back to their community through philanthropic giving to charitable organizations throughout their county.
  • Carol & Minno Halma Family Fund – Woodstock residents that support needs in the areas of conservation, music education, genealogy, and library studies.
  • Christine and Donald Schellhaass Family Fund
  • Streit Family Fund – A Crystal Lake family created this fund to support charitable organizations serving McHenry County with particular focus on helping enable their church children’s music program to continue in response to tight budgetary times.
  • Anonymous Fund(3)